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Wouldn't you sleep better knowing you have a
Website that can help you
sell more business?

We Build Awesome Knights
Compliance Approved Websites


Wouldn't you sleep better knowing you have a Website that can help you sell more business?

We Build Awesome Knights of Columbus
Compliance Approved Websites

Stop wondering if your website is hurting sales and fix it.

We help you sell  more by providing a 3-in-1 platform to market your agency.


Website Design

Website Design

WE design the site for YOU. You are not left trying to figure out the design. Our sites are pre-approved with compliant content. Work with our design team to knock your site out of the park!


Auto Posting to Social Media

Auto Posting to Social Media

Market your brand across all online platforms effortlessly. By making a simple post on your website you can maintain consistent messaging across all social networks and close more deals.


Automated Monthly Newsletter

Email Newsletter

The reason you have a website is to get the word out about special events, Knights news and announcements. After you update the website, our platform sends the news out in an email newsletter.


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Overwhelmed by technology? Always playing catchup? Missing out on business?

There's a better way to look professional online, market your agency and close more deals.

Let's face it.  The web can be a confusing place: websites, analytics, social media.  The list goes on.  As soon as you try figuring out what to do, something changes. Then you finally decide to do something.  You find your nephew to help you out.  You put a lot of work into what to say, and how to say it and then he heads off to college.  You're back to square one.

Stop settling and start marketing online like a real business.

Guarantee that your news is reaching the community. 

Knights of Columbus Tablet


Get Up and Rolling in Just a Few Days

We Design Your Website

Choose a theme from our theme library.

You provide team content, color, and design choices.

We build your site and add your content.

Connect Your Social Media Accounts

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and many more.

Upload Your Email List

Add contacts for your email newsletter.

You're Ready

Add news on your website that automatically posts to
social media and goes out in an email newsletter.

Here's an Example Website

Knight of Columbus - Lister Agency

Lister Agency

Powerful.  Affordable. Simple Marketing.




  • Website Customization
  • Pre-Approved Compliant Content
  • Setup Social Media Connections

Monthly Service


plus .00095 per Email Sent
  • Web Hosting and Support
  • Announcement Manager
  • Auto Posting to Social Media
  • Automated Monthly Newsletter
  • Bulk Email Service

And If You Want Help With the Editing, We Do That Too!

Imagine your own personal marketing assistant ready to help grow your agency.

Just send over your News and Photos and a designer makes it look great and creates the post for you.


We can even do your edits.


add $100 Monthly

Think of all of the newsworthy items that no one knows about.

  • Your agency sponsors events.
  • Your agency is involved in parish activities.
  • Your agency is active in the community.
  • Your agency could share valuable financial news.
  • Your agency has supreme office literature it could share.
  • Membership Recruitment - Your agency is a great place to work!

How much will sent emails cost per month?


# of Emails Sent

  • 2,000 Sent
  • 5,000 Sent
  • 10,000 Sent
  • 15,000 Sent
  • 20,000 Sent
  • Cost will be based on actual emails sent.

Estimated Cost

  • $1.90 / mo
  • $4.75 / mo
  • $9.50 / mo
  • $14.25 / mo
  • $19.00 / mo
  • This example is for showing estimates.

Are you Ready to Get Started?

Yes, I'd Like
Connecting Members
Marketing Platform

$500 Setup

$99.95 Monthly 
+ .00095 per email sent


Yes, I'd Like
Connecting Members
Marketing Platform  +  Editing

$500 Setup

$199.95 Monthly 
+ .00095 per email sent



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